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Why Use TENANT rep .com?

Unparalleled service by a 24-year veteran specialist:  Ellen and John Tobin do not just farm your important office space requirement out to the best local tenant representative broker.  Whether you have several small needs or one large need, John Tobin will remain your one point of contact from start to finish -- traveling at our own expense and on very short notice to each local office market, negotiating on your behalf, and processing all documentation with the full support of the best local tenant rep.  Your critical operational objectives never need repeatingOur sole compensation is a splitting of the landlord broker commission fee, usually paid in full to the landlord rep broker if there is no tenant rep broker.  This is a tried and true, seamless, and cost effective approach based upon strategic partnering with the best exclusive tenant representatives across the country.  Our repeat national client assignments speak eloquently of our success.   

TENANT rep .com is Always on Your Side:  There are usually consultants, brokers and/or negotiation specialists involved in commercial real estate transactions.  Many tenants want to believe they have "chosen the best" when they go with a big national "full service" real estate company.  Are "full service " firms really in a position to deliver the best real estate value for the tenant?  

Few tenants involved appreciate the shifting agenda of “full service” brokerage firms.  By definition, “full service” real estate firms work both sides of the table.  They are always in a conflicted position detrimental to obtaining maximum benefit for the tenant.  This is a subtle but important distinction that will greatly impact your lease cost and flexibility.  One “full service” goal is to pitch landlord representation, i.e. “increase the rent I collect”.  Hence the “full service” firm’s sign you see all over town.  The second “full service” goal is to pitch tenant representation, i.e. “lower the rent I pay”.  How can one real estate firm fulfill these two opposing agendas in the same local marketplace?  Our national office tenant clients view this very common broker practice as a major conflict. 

If you think you already have the best "tenant rep" available be sure to ask if his/her company also represents landlords.  Nine times out of ten, the broker's answer will be, "Yes, but..."  In the one out of ten chance that you are working with a truly "exclusive tenant rep" firm ask yourself if the individual broker negotiating for you is more qualified than our 24-year veteran national office tenant representation specialist, John Tobin.

TENANT rep .com works only one side of the table.  We never serve the interest of the professional landlord.  We do not because we know it would greatly conflict with our ability to serve the opposite interest of the tenant. We have no shifting agenda.  We do not glean important information from the tenant now for the benefit of a landlord later.  The one goal of TENANT rep .com is to act solely on behalf of the tenant, leveraging the very best price and lease terms at the tenant's existing facility or a more desirable competing property.

Get the Very Best Deal:  Would Jim Thome have obtained an $85 million offer from the Phillies and a $60 million offer from the Indians without a great agent?

"Do-it-yourself" is OK, except when it comes to million dollar contract negotiations, surgery and commercial real estate.  John Tobin is a 14 year veteran office tenant representation specialist with ten years past experience as an in-house office lease negotiator and financial analyst on major office buildings for national landlords.  John is acutely aware of the way landlords operate.  Therefore, he is unusually qualified to manipulate the office marketplace to the tenant’s financial advantage.  Beholden to no landlords, John is most able to create an atmosphere of landlord competition resulting in the best real estate value for the national office tenant.



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