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A Rare WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise): National OfficeTenant  Rep Firm

Woman owned national office tenant representation firms are very rare.  TENANTreps.net Corporate Real Estate Advisors is the only woman owned national office tenant representation firm that we know.  TENANTreps.net is more than 51% owned, operated and controlled by its Partner Ellen Tobin, Berkeley MBA 1995 and a U.S. citizen.  Ellen founded TENANTreps.net in 1999 in partnership with John Tobin.  As a WBE, Women’s Business Enterprise, TENANTreps.net requests that national office tenants review the ownership diversity credentials of their current national office tenant representation service provider(s).  As a WBE, TENANTreps.net requests that national office tenants who have made a commitment to supplier diversity consider giving a small percentage of their national office tenant representation business to nationally qualified WBE providers like TENANTreps.net. Partner Ellen Tobin, TENANT reps .net Corporate Real Estate Advisors


A Commitment to Supplier Diversity

Our national office tenant clients support the growth and expansion of relationships with minority and women owned business enterprises ("M/WBE"). They continue to develop and implement strategies to ensure that their supplier and client base reflect the diverse communities in which they do business. They tell us that these relationships enable them to:

  • Deliver exceptional products and services to their clients
  • Build the economic wealth of the communities they serve
  • Provide meaningful opportunities through fair competition
  • Set measurable goals reflective of their corporate strategy

Below is a Supplier Diversity Goal Chart provided by a Fortune 500 national office tenant.  This national office tenant has dedicated a Supplier Diversity team to execute the following:

Percentage of MWBE Spend provided by a Fortune 500 national office tenant.

  • Bring focus and accountability to our service commitment
  • Establish a measurable corporate wide supplier diversity procurement process
  • Provide employees access to minority and women-owned suppliers in their communities
  • Work with majority corporations to track and support the suppliers they use for services; We expect them to establish a program and work with them to find suppliers to support our needs
  • Assist in the development of internal departmental strategies to enhance procurement opportunities

Supplier Diversity Sourcing Policies

Our national office tenant clients have found that their Corporate Sourcing Department is a critical aspect of their Supplier Diversity success. Their Corporate Sourcing Departments are responsible for acting without prejudice regarding suppliers or products to seek and obtain the best value for each expense. Supplier selection is based on the supplier's ability to provide goods or services in accordance with requirements which can include:

  • Quality products and services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Technical foresight
  • Proactive product service support
  • Effective follow-through

Supplier Qualifications

To expand or deepen their diverse supplier base, our national office tenant clients require that a company be at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by U.S. citizens who are:

  • African American
  • Hispanic
  • Native American
  • Asian-Indian
  • Asian-Pacific
  • Women

Proof of ownership is required.

What National Office Tenants Give Us

Our clients welcome the opportunity to develop relationships with businesses that share their vision and standards for quality products and services. They have provided:

  • The opportunity to discuss our TENANTreps.net national office tenant representation services
  • Follow-up with us regarding current and upcoming opportunities
  • Inclusion in their supplier database which serves all corporate locations nationwide
  • Constructive feedback regarding outcomes of Request for Proposals (RFPs) and other suggestions to help better position TENANTreps.net within their company
  • Financial knowledge to help TENANTreps.net grow

What TENANTreps.net Gives National Office Tenants

After being selected as a potential national office tenant representation provider, our national office tenant clients usually start by testing the quality of our services with just one and then a few national office tenant representation assignments.  On each assignment, TENANTreps.net will provide better quality office tenant representation services than that currently provided by any non-WBE provider plus the following: 

1.   1.  John Tobin will personally travel to the local office market at our own expense on each assignment,     (new deals, renewals and expansions).

 2.  John Tobin will personally preview all alternative properties in the desired geographic area.

 3.  Working with local client personnel, John Tobin will personally create a short list of properties that meet the client's corporate criteria.

 4.  John Tobin will personally conduct the tour with local client personnel.

We have found from experience that the single point of contact, hands-on approach described above makes a huge difference in favor of the national office tenant client.   These important steps in the office leasing process will not be delegated to a local broker less invested in the national office tenant’s success and less familiar with its critical operational directives. Based on our female diversity of ownership, our unique approach and ability to respond quickly, we hope your firm has an interest in testing whether the services provided by TENANTreps.net are equal to or better than any current non-WBE provider.

 Please see the “Report Cards” tab above where we have been rated as “excellent” in all categories serving the Corporate Real Estate Manager of a Top 30 Mortgage company with over 160 offices as their national tenant rep over a 4 year period through 9/2007.  Also, on the rest of this website, you can review our unique national qualifications and the substantial results we have generated working with national office tenants.


In summary, we offer the following benefits to office tenants:

•  TENANTreps.net is a rare woman owned national office tenant representation firm or WBE,   Women’s Business Enterprise, the only one that we know.

•  We specialize in repeat national office tenant representation assignments.

  John Tobin has personally negotiated 176 office lease and purchase transactions totaling over $101 million across the United States.  Office lease, renewal, expansion, purchase, and consulting assignments include (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest,  West Coast, Southwest, Northwest, and Mountain States):


67 Assignments Nationwide.

    NASA (UNITED STATES GOV'T.)  205,000 sq.ft


30,000 sq. ft.


10,000 sq. ft.


36,000 sq. ft.


20,000 sq. ft.


20,000 sq. ft.


40,000 sq. ft.


3,000 sq. ft.


10,000 sq. ft.


3,000 sq. ft.


60,000 sq. ft.


17,000 sq. ft.

•  We provide one trusted point of contact nationwide, John Tobin, supported by strategic partnering with the best local tenant rep in each market. 

•  John travels at our own expense and on short notice to each local office market.  John will remain in the local office market and your single point of contact through completion of each corporate real estate assignment with the full support of the best local tenant rep broker.  Your critical operational objectives will never need repeating.

  Our sole compensation will be a splitting of the landlord broker commission fee, usually paid in full to the landlord rep broker if there is no tenant rep broker.

  We design Swiftcalc®, a tenant cost comparison spreadsheet used by national office tenants.

  John has ten years past experience as the in-house leasing negotiator and financial analyst on major office buildings across the United States.  John has generated measured client value from the economics and lease terms of thousands of commercial real estate leasing opportunities for two national landlords.

  John has advised on office lease and purchase negotiations across the United States since 1984.

When you choose TENANTreps.net, you won’t be getting someone else.  You will get John Tobin on the ground in every office market where you have an office leasing need.  This unique service provides a single, trusted point of contact, John Tobin, and gives the national office tenant tight control and a hands-on approach.   TENANTreps.net does not require a contract from national office tenants which provides you with the ability to terminate the agreement on short notice.

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