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Commercial Office Lease Cost Comparison for Tenants - Testimonials

As national office tenant representation specialists, Ellen and 24-year veteran John Tobin are committed to providing national tenant clients, both corporate and government, with the most innovative commercial lease cost comparison technology (Procalc, Lsemod, Swiftcalc or another client preferred, tenant cost comparison spreadsheet).
  Below is a sampling of quotes from office tenant representation clients whom we served using Swiftcalc
® .  Also for your review are Performance Questionnaire Report Cards filled out by national office tenant clients, both corporate and government.

  • "Your attention to detail and experience in this industry is unmatched in my opinion.  It was my good fortune to have made that call to you years ago.  With so much on my plate, your persistence  and follow up was just what I needed."  Real Estate Manager - Facilities, Fortune 500 international office tenant, 1/2008.

  • "From 9/2003 through this month (9/2007) John has personally completed 23 new and renewal office lease assignments for our national corporation in Boston Massachusetts, Providence, Cranston, and Warwick (2) Rhode Island, Frederick Maryland, Chicago and Downer's Grove Illinois (3), Denver, Centennial and Englewood Colorado, Las Vegas Nevada and San Diego, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Mission Viejo, Orange County (Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim), Los Angeles and Northern California.  During the same period, John personally began 14 additional new and renewal office lease assignments for us in Dover New Hampshire, Braintree Massachusetts, Cincinnati Ohio, Orlando, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale South Florida, Minneapolis Minnesota, Kansas City Missouri, Omaha Nebraska, Denver Colorado, Newport Beach, Santa Ana and Ontario Southern California, Portland Oregon, and Honolulu Hawaii.  He also personally engaged local tenant representatives to commence office lease disposition assignments in Bangor Maine, Worcester Massachusetts, Buffalo New York, Hartford Connecticut, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Trenton and Monmouth County New Jersey, Wilmington Delaware, Towson and Baltimore Maryland, Richmond Virginia, Charlotte North Carolina, Atlanta Georgia, Miami Florida, New Orleans Louisiana, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo Ohio, Detroit Michigan, Indianapolis Indiana, Schaumburg Illinois, St. Louis Missouri, Des Moines Iowa, Kansas City Kansas, Dallas Texas, Denver Colorado, Phoenix Arizona, San Diego and Los Angeles County California, Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington.  Based on his extensive past performance for our company, I give John an "excellent" rating under all categories.  Going forward, this major corporation will continue to use John's national tenant representation services."  V.P. and Corporate Real Estate Manager, national office tenant, 9/2007.

  • “Having worked with numerous real estate brokers over the past 25 years, I can unequivocally state that John Tobin is the most conscientious representative for his clients that I have ever worked with. During the three year period I worked with John, we collaborated on commercial leasing projects across the nation, both large and small, but the size of the project or commission was not as important to John as meeting the needs of the client. Once we retained John's services, he was on a plane traveling to the designated location, obtaining data and relaying the needed information to us. Rather than the corporation retaining the services of different brokers in different markets, it was reassuring that we had someone on the ground working to achieve the optimal result according to our corporate standards. John's professional demeanor, his high level of integrity, and his exceptional knowledge of commercial real estate leasing are all reasons that I recommend him to anyone seeking tenant representation throughout the leasing process.”   Senior Leasing Analyst, Top 30 Mortgage Company, 67 new office lease, renewal, expansion and sublease assignments totaling 400,000 square feet, nationwide over a 4 year period ending 10/2007 when national tenant closed its doors, 2/2008.

  • "We have expanded and relocated the headquarters of Highland Consulting Associates, Inc. to 7.000 square feet of brand new space at Crocker Park in Westlake.  At the start of the process we chose John Tobin of TENANT rep .com to assist us.  John was a good combination of professionalism and knowledge of the marketplace.  John worked closely with our project team on site selection, lease cost comparison, letter of intent negotiation and lease language negotiation.  John did a good job for us and we would certainly consider working with him in the future.Richard Veres, CFA, CEBS, Highland Consulting Associates, Inc., Westlake Ohio, 12/2007.

  • "I appreciate what you are doing for us.  You are making my job a lot easier.  Trust me.  --and I'll pass it on.”  Senior Vice President, National Sales Manager, national office tenant, 11,000 and 15,000 sq. ft. office lease acquisition assignments in Downers Grove Illinois and Denver Colorado,  1/2004.

  • "You can call John after hours, on Saturday or Sunday, and he always answers the phone.  John is always there working on our behalf, repping us in the right way.  Regional Vice President, Western United States, national office tenant, 27,000 sq. ft. office lease acquisition assignment in Orange County California,  10/2003.

  • “TENANT   rep .com gets my highest recommendation.  Within 6 weeks, John Tobin helped us obtain a 70% reduction in our real estate cost.  Our new office is more centrally located for clients and employees, equal in quality and an overall better fit for our company.”  Tim May, President & CEO, Coreval Consulting, 9,000 square foot new office space negotiation in Independence Ohio, corporate headquarters relocation,  6/2003.

  • "In April, 2002 PlanSoft engaged TENANT  rep .com for a 20,000 square foot office space search which resulted in a highly successful renewal negotiation of our existing corporate headquarters.  John Tobin was instrumental in guiding us through the process of assessing all of our options.  After identifying our needs and requirements, John jump-started our search by identifying 20 properties and screening these down to three viable candidates in less than two weeks.  Finally John solicited bids on our behalf from the competing landlords.  Within 60 days, John helped us secure a 42% reduction in our lease expenses through our existing landlord.  We are extremely pleased with the results and plan to retain TENANT  rep .com for our next office space search."  Paul Nestvold, Vice President Finance & Controller, PlanSoft Corporation, Twinsburg Ohio, 8/2002.

  • "John Tobin of TENANT  rep .com represented my law firm in a 17,000 square foot office building purchase.  John's tenant representation services went way beyond my expectations.  Way beyond ---.  And I've been leasing office space for 29 years.  The result was very beneficial financially for my law firm and for me personally.  When my law firm has additional office space needs I plan to use TENANT  rep .com again.Larry Weiser, President, LARRY A. WEISER CO., LPA, Cleveland Ohio, 7/2002.

  • "I have 45 employees in my office and one of my highest priorities is to provide a comfortable working environment for them.  I asked you to come out four days ago after we had gone without air conditioning in our office for three weeks (hot June and July).  We had an air conditioning repair estimate in hand of $20,000 to $30,000.

    I asked you to review Backtrack's lease and provide recommendations with HVAC repair as our top priority.  In less than 24 hours you provided me with a thorough lease review detailing my rights under the lease and providing a strategy going forward.  I followed your strategy this week dealing with my landlord.  Four days later our employees are being kept cool by a temporary HVAC trailer backed up to our office as the landlord fulfills his lease obligation for a partial or full replacement of the HVAC system.

    I plan to use TENANT  rep .com to help us negotiate the best deal in the marketplace when we get closer to the end of our lease term.
    Robert Gandee, President, Backtrack, Mentor Ohio, 7/2001.

  • "TBG is definitely going to use TENANT  rep .com again.  Your tenant representation service and Swiftcalc tenant cost comparison spreadsheet get my highest level of recommendation for companies entering or renegotiating a lease.

    We first met you 5 weeks ago when we called in the midst of a nationwide expansion needing to set up offices immediately for our new sales force.  We wanted to review all of our options that day.  You had the town snapping to our attention within hours.  We first called you at 11:00 a.m.  By 2:30 p.m. we began our tour of the most appropriate sites in town, and by 5:30 p.m. we had reviewed 10 alternatives.  The level of customer service you provided in the first two days blew us away!

    After getting all the landlord proposals you input the data into Swiftcalc.  All our cost factors were accounted for, including free rent scattered through the lease term, early termination penalties, electricity and HVAC costs, tax and operating costs, and space add-on factors.  With each landlord proposal and TBG counter proposal I was able to review a bottom line cost comparison of the alternatives in a simple one-page report.  I negotiate leases for TBG around the country.  I've never seen anything as good as John's tenant cost comparison spreadsheet.

    Your past experience as a landlord lease negotiator really shows.  Your expertise in the area of lease language is invaluable.  It is on par with that of a seasoned commercial real estate attorney.

    I am generally on the go and work around the clock while traveling.  Over the past 5 weeks you have worked around the clock as well, guiding us to the best possible deal.  Working together, I feel like you are one of our employees, and that TENANT  rep .com is an extension of TBG America.  Thanks for anticipating our needs." 
    Michael Jarmana, President, TBG America, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 6/2001.


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