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Office Lease Tenant Time Line:  Office Site Search, Lease Negotiation, Tenant Improvements, and Branch Office Opening


Week 1:  

  • Working with his local tenant rep partner, 24-year veteran John Tobin provides office market survey for tenant review based on tenant criteria provided. 

  • John personally previews properties where tenant has an interest.  

  • John creates short list of no more than 7 to 9 properties that best meet tenant’s stated criteria for tenant tour .  

  • John schedules tenant tour of short listed properties to be attended by tenant’s local field personnel, John and his local tenant rep partner.

Week 2:  

  • Working with his local tenant rep partner, John completes tenant tour and issues Request For Proposals (RFP’s) to short listed properties.

  • John requests all landlord responses within one week.

Partners Ellen and John Tobin, TENANT rep .com Corporate Real Estate Advisors

Call Ellen or John Tobin now - (216) 858-1000.

Week 3:  

  • Working with his local tenant rep partner, John collects landlord proposals. 
  • John completes initial cost comparison for tenant and local tenant rep partner review.  
  • John issues tenant counter proposals on top properties.  
  • Begin space design plan on top properties.

Week 4 to 5:  Note that some landlords and landlord architects are slow.  If so, the time required for space design plan and Letter of Intent (LOI) negotiation can take up to 3 weeks.  

  • Collect space plans, review and revise.  
  • If necessary, tenant now collects recommendations on workstation and telecom providers, begins contacting and securing same and includes them in tenant space design plan review. 
  • Continue proposal/ counter proposal/ tenant cost comparison process until we reach a fully executed LOI agreement on final property.  We will do our best to get landlord to agree to provide all required tenant improvements “turn-key” in accordance with the RFP provided (does not include workstations, wiring workstations or other furniture) as part of fully agreed LOI. This will correspond to the finalized space design plan which we will do our best to have attached as an Exhibit to the Lease.  

Week 6 to 7:  Note that some landlord attorneys are slow.  If so, the time required for lease language negotiation can take up to 3 weeks.  

  • Tenant, John and tenant legal counsel review lease document against business items listed in fully executed LOI compiling tenant’s redline comments into one tenant red-line document for landlord review.  
  • Continue negotiating lease language until all tenant red-line issues resolved and incorporated into final lease document. 
  • Execute lease document.

Week 8 to as soon as Week 8 or as late as Week 24:  Depends on the amount of time the final landlord needs to complete construction drawings, permitting and tenant improvements, if any.  The time required varies from space to space and landlord to landlord.  

  • Upon full execution of the lease, we will request a time line from the landlord regarding same:  “Construction Drawing started and completed," "Permitting started and completed" and "Tenant Improvements started and completed.” 
  • Tenant Workstation and telecom providers to have access to space, coordinate and complete work at same time as landlord tenant improvement construction.  

As soon as Week 8 or as late as Week 24:  

  • Space can be ready for tenant occupancy and branch office opening. 

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