Canadian Firm Expands to Cleveland

Cleveland, OH, July 5 – Cleveland based TENANT announced today that TBG World, Inc. has signed a 5-year lease on the ground floor of the Chester Commons Building in the heart of downtown Cleveland.  The parent company, TBG International, is a Toronto based marketing firm.  TBG World, Inc. has opened offices in eight U.S. cities in the past 3 years.  TBG’s national clients include Green Mountain Energy Company (BP), Sunoco, Talk America (AOL) and AT&T.

TBG World President, Michael Jarmana, hired TENANT to scrutinize the available office space alternatives in the downtown Cleveland office market.  A thorough tenant space search and round the clock negotiation of the office site alternatives resulted in TBG opening its doors in Cleveland in less than 5 weeks.  

“TBG is definitely going to use TENANT again. Their tenant representation service and Swiftcalc tenant software get my highest level of recommendation for companies entering or renegotiating a lease,” said TBG President Michael Jarmana.  “We used as the cornerstone of our lease negotiations.  With quick data entry, Swiftcalc allowed us to instantly weigh each landlord proposal and each tenant counter proposal.  All our cost factors were accounted for, including free rent scattered through the lease term, early termination penalties, electricity and HVAC costs, tax and operating costs and space add-on factors.  TBG was able to review a side-by-side, bottom line comparison of the data input and results in a simple one-page report.  I negotiate leases for TBG around the country and I have never seen anything like Swiftcalc,” said Jarmana.

“John Tobin’s past experience as a landlord lease negotiator really allowed TBG to manipulate the changing waters of our lease negotiation,” said Jarmana.  “There were traps doors and hidden tenant costs I was not aware of that John was able to point out.  He is completely into it.  His expertise in the area of lease language is invaluable.  He did a better job than our commercial real estate attorneys negotiating the lease language.  The landlords we dealt with definitely respect John’s skill level.”

“I am generally on the go and work around the clock while traveling.  Over the past 5 weeks John Tobin has worked around the clock as well, guiding us to the best possible deal in Cleveland.  We met just last month, but I quickly learned to have great faith in him. Working together, I feel like John is one of our employees and is an extension of TBG World,” said President Michael Jarmana.

For further information:  John Tobin, TENANT Corporate Real Estate Advisors, 600 Superior Avenue E, Suite 1300, Cleveland, OH 44114; 216-858-1000.


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