TENANT reps.net Announces Swiftcalc Lease Comparison Software

Cleveland, OH, May 22 – TENANT reps.net announced today the release of its new software, Swiftcalc.com, The Tenant’s Calculator for Commercial Real Estate.  This comparative lease analysis software was designed to show tenants all the costs involved in getting into, occupying, and leaving space.  Tenants and their advisors can instantly create a bottom line cost comparison of their leasing alternatives, complete with graphs and cash flows.  Swiftcalc provides tremendous negotiating leverage to office, retail, and industrial tenants nationwide.   

Users claim to have saved thousands on rent and greatly simplified the task of comparing lease proposals.  John Tobin, Developer of Swiftcalc, stated, “As a former in-house leasing negotiator for national landlords, I was involved with thousands of potential lease transactions.  I can think of only one time that a tenant really used a software comparison tool as negotiating leverage.  That tenant got absolutely the very best deal we would offer.  Swiftcalc lets tenants level the playing field in their lease negotiation with the landlord.”

Swiftcalc.com, which recently won the Real Estate Library’s Pure Gold award, also won last month the Editor’s Choice Award from Z-Law, The Complete Real Estate Software Catalog.  Z-Law cited Swiftcalc.com’s content, site design, and overall contribution to the commercial real estate field.  The Editor’s Choice Award “has been given in recognition of your site’s exemplary contribution to the real estate industry,” said Gary Sherman, President of Z-Law, “This honor is given only to the very best real estate sites.”  Competing software products are priced five to nine times higher than Swiftcalc.

Cleveland based TENANT reps.net develops and sells Swiftcalc nationwide and performs lease analysis services for tenants and real estate professionals.  They have also created a national Tenant Representation Network of the best office, retail, and industrial tenant reps in each local area.  The company specializes in office tenant representation services in the Cleveland metro. 

John Tobin, Partner of TENANT reps.net and developer of Swiftcalc, has 18 years of commercial real estate lease negotiation experience.  For eight of those years Mr. Tobin served as the in-house leasing negotiator and primary financial analyst at major office properties around the country.  He has negotiated 135 office-leasing transactions to date in New York, California, and Ohio having a total value over $70 million.

For further information:  John Tobin, TENANT reps.net Corporate Real Estate Advisors, 600 Superior Avenue E, Suite 1300, Cleveland, OH 44114; 216-858-1000.


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