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Office Leasing Broker -  John Tobin

1.)  Specializes in repeat national office tenant representation assignments.  2.)  John has personally negotiated 206 office lease and purchase transactions totaling over $101 million across the United States.





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24-year veteran John Tobin specializes as a national office tenant representative leasing broker serving major corporations and the United States Government.  In this capacity, he works extensively in office markets all over the United States.  He travels to the local office markets at his own expense and on short notice.  He has been rated as "excellent under all categories" by the Corporate Real Estate Manager of a Top 30 Mortgage company for whom he served as a national office tenant rep on 67 new, expansion, renewal, and sublease assignments totaling 400,000 square feet over a four year period through September, 2007.  See national Client Assessments of John's services.  Also for you review are Performance Questionnaire Report Cards filled out by national office tenant clients, both corporate and government.

John remains the tenant’s one point of contact from start to finish – traveling with the current tenant need, negotiating on the tenant’s behalf and processing all documentation with the full support of the best local tenant rep.  John’s sole compensation is a splitting of the landlord broker commission fee, usually paid in full to the landlord rep broker if there is no tenant rep broker.  John has over 24 years experience as office lease/ purchase negotiation specialist.  He has personally negotiated 206 office lease and purchase transactions totaling over $101 million in diverse office markets all over the United States.  Click here to review partial corporate and government transaction list.

John began his career as an office lease/ purchase negotiation specialist in New York City at the local firm Andover Realty from 1984 to 1989.  His territory in Manhattan included The Empire State Building which, along with many other Manhattan office buildings, he canvassed from top to bottom twice.  In addition to Manhattan office tenant representative projects, John lead office lease and building purchase assignments in New Jersey, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island for his Manhattan office tenant clients.  John earned his Economics degree from Fordham University in New York City from 1980 to 1984. 

From 1989 to 1997, John served as an in-house office lease negotiator and financial analyst for two national Landlords, Chicago based JMB Properties Company and Heitman Properties Ltd., on major office buildings in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose California and Cleveland Ohio.  As an in-house landlord negotiator for eight years in diverse office markets for two of the largest office building landlords in the United States, John generated measured client value from the economics and lease terms of thousands of corporate and government real estate leasing opportunities.  During those eight years, John developed the financial analysis expertise necessary to later create “Swiftcalc,” an Excel based tenant cost comparison spreadsheet now used by national corporations.  Click Here.  Also during those eight years, John served as the landlord’s primary landlord lease language negotiator, experience which now greatly benefits our national office tenant clients.

In 1997, privately owned JMB Properties Company sold off all 20 million square feet of its major trophy office properties across the United States.  John then joined Grubb & Ellis in Cleveland as a Senior Office Leasing Specialist.

In 1999, John and his wife Ellen Hurley Tobin, a Northwestern University - Chicago (1988) graduate and U.C. Berkeley (1995) MBA, started TENANT rep .com, a national office tenant representation firm serving major corporations and the United States Government.  Since 1999, John has worked in and traveled extensively to office markets all over the United States serving corporate and government real estate managers as their national tenant representation specialist.

John has lived nine years in Chicago, nine years in Phoenix, nine years in New York City, six years in the San Francisco Bay Area and 12 years in Cleveland.  Having lived and worked all over the United States only adds to John’s unique qualifications as a traveling national office tenant representative specialist.

John and his wife Ellen have six children and reside in Ellen’s home town of Cleveland.  John is a Chicago native, a graduate of Brophy College Preparatory (1980) in Phoenix, holds a BA in Economics from Fordham University (1984) in New York City, and is the 11th of 17 children.

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